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General Facts
1 Who is the Director of Dubai International Academy?
  Mrs. Poonam Bhojani
2 Who is the Secondary School Principal?
  Mr. David Impey
3 Who is the Secondary School Deputy Principal?
  Mrs. Junia Rust
4 Who are the Secondary School secretaries?
  Mrs. Jane Cloete and Mrs. Geraldine Pegrume
5 Who is the Dean of Students?
  Mr. Robert Jennings
6 Who is the College Counsellor and Student Counsellor? Where is her office?
  Mrs. Rachana Sippy. Her office is in the same corridor as the Secondary School office.
7 Who is the Learning Support Teacher who can also be spoken to about personal matters? Where is the Learning Support office?
  Mrs. Khyati Shah. The Learning Support office is on the second floor, in the corridor facing the PE Hall.
8 Who is the DP Coordinator?
  Mrs. Sheugnet Carter. Her office is on the first floor, just to the right of the stairwell coming from the Secondary School offices.
9 Who is the MYP Coordinator?
  Mrs. Eleanor Scarr. Her office is on the first floor, just to the left of the stairwell coming from the Secondary School office.
10 Who is the CAS Coordinator?
  Mr. Declan Alvaro. His lab is in the same corridor as the Secondary School office.
11 Who is the C&S Coordinator?
  Mrs. Caroline Kellett is the Community and Service Coordinator. Her room is on the first floor, in the Art corridor.
12 What is CAS or C&S?
  CAS is Creativity, Action and Service - a key component of the DP Programme.
C&S is Community and Service, one of the Areas of Interaction of the Middle Years Programme.
13 Who is the head of Year 7?
  Mrs. Nusrien Khan
14 Who is the head of Year 8?
  Mrs. Tania Asif
15 Who is the head of Year 9?
  Mr. Tunde Bamigboye
16 Who is the head of Year 10?
  Mr. Rida Datoo
17 Who is the head of Year 11?
  Mrs. Kerry Wahba
18 Who is the head of Year 12 + 13?
  Mr. Pascal Ashkar
19 What is the name of the online link if you would like to talk to someone about personal problems?
20 Who is the Head Boy?
  Aman Ghose
21 Who is the Head Girl?
  Anja Gullerfelt
22 Who is the Deputy Head Boy?
  Patrick Maidhof
23 Who is the Deputy Head Girl?
  Lisa van Doeselaer
24 How many prefects are there?
25 How can you recognize a prefect?
  By their badges and by the fact that they do duties before school, during break and lunch.
26 What are the main duties of the prefects?
  They help support both the students and the teachers
27 Who is Head of the English Department?
  Mrs. Pam Parasram
28 Who is Head of the Maths Department?
  Mrs. Huneza Usman
29 Who is Head of the IT Department?
  Mr. Hitesh Baghat
30 Who is Head of the Modern Languages Department?
  Mrs. Selina Turner
31 Who is Head of the Art Department?
  Mrs. Marianne O'Connell
32 Who is Head of the Humanities Department?
  Mrs. Narayani Saberi
33 Who is the Head of the Science Department?
  Mrs. Kate Brazier
34 Who is the Head of the PE Department?
  Mr. Mihail Kouzev
35 Who is the Head of the Arabic Department?
  Mrs. Wijad Daoud
36 What modern languages are offered at Dubai International Academy?
  French, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.
37 What sciences are offered at Dubai International Academy?
  Biology, Chemistry and Physics
38 What humanities are offered at Dubai International Academy?
  History, Geography, Business and Management, Economics, Psychology
39 How many subjects do you take from Year 7 to 9?
  Eleven subjects
40 How many subjects do you take from Year 10 to 11?
  Twelve subjects
41 How many subjects do you take from Year 12 to 13?
  Six subjects
42 Who do you speak to about After School Activities?
  Mr. Mihail Kouzev
43 How do you sign up for After School Activities?
  You can check the list of available activities online on DIA webpage or on the notice board. Once you decide which activities you want there is a online registration form that you need to fill in and submit in.
44 When do After School Activities take place?
  The ASA takes place every Sun, Tue and Thu. The venue of the different activities can be checked online on DIA webpage or on the noticed board.
45 What sports teams can you try out for?
  At DIA we have 5 main sports that we compete in the ECC – Emirates Coast Conference. The sports are: Swimming, Cross Country, Basketball, Football and Track and Field
46 What musical After School Activities are available?
  The annual school play.
47 What is Model United Nations? What does DIAMUN stand for?
  The Model United Nations (MUN) brings together people from different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs and whilst advocating a spirit of teamwork, it also serves as a platform for promoting better understanding amongst various cultures.
48 How many After School Activities can you sign up for?
  You need to sigh up for 1 ASA. However, if places are available you can sign in for 3 max. For that reason the online registration form is designed to take your three choices. Please check availabilities with Mr. Mihail.
49 Do you have to join an After School Activities?
  It is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended.
50 How much does an average meal in the cafeteria cost?
  DHS 13.
51 For how many weeks can you have a book checked out from the library?
  Two weeks.
52 How many books can you borrow at a time?
  Up to ten books, if they are required for research. Four books, if they are for reading.
53 What are you not allowed to bring into the library?
  Food and drink.
54 Which sports facilities are available?
  Tennis courts, a swimming pool, basketball facilities, soccer pitches.
55 Who is the Rainforest Café open to?
  Year 12 and 13 students.
56 Where are you allowed to eat during break and lunch?
  In the canteen, the quadrangle and the play areas, but not in corridors or classrooms.
57 How many computer labs are there in the Secondary School?
58 Where can you use computers during lunch and after school?
  In the library.
59 Are the music facilities available at lunch time?
  Yes, but they have to be arranged with the Music Department.
60 What is the school mascot?
  A wolf.
61 What is the school motto?
  Dream, Inspire, Achieve.
62 What do we need to listen to every morning?
  The UAE National Anthem.
63 How many members in the Student Council?
  There are 45 members on the SC. (One representative from Yr 7-9 and two representatives from Yr 10-12).
64 What are the major events organised by the Student Council?
  DIASCO, Valentine’s Day assembly, Battle of the Houses.
65 What is Edline used for?
  It is used to record homework, for indicating when tests are happening and assignments are due. It is also a way om communicating with the students when they are not in school, and for contacting parents.
66 How do you access Edline?
  Go to www.edline.net, enter your username and password.
67 What is your student email address?
  Your first name, the first initial of your surname linked to the student email address.
68 How do you access your student email address?
  Through the school's website.
69 What are your teachers' email addresses?
  e.g. sandra bullock    sandrab@diadubai.com
70 What does Dubai International Academy offer in terms of drama productions?
  There is an annual school production.
71 What arrangement is there for students to print at school?
  AED 50 printing is free. After that top-up your account by paying to your IT teacher.
72 If you take the bus, when does the regular bus leave?
  At 14:45.
73 If you take the bus, when does the after-school-activities bus leave?
  At 15:45.
74 At what time does the Homeroom lesson start ?
  At 7:40.
75 What do you do if you are late to school?
  You report to the Secondary School office where you are registered as being present and you are given a late slip to let you into the class.
76 What do you do if you hear a fire alarm?
  You immedediately evacuate to the sports field, in single file.
77 What is a Mufti Day?
  It is a day on which students are allowed to wear regular clothers to school, at a cost of DHS 5; this money is usually donated to charity.
78 What is the most important thing to remember about PE lessons?
  To bring your PE kit to school.
79 What is PADIA?
  PADIA is an acronym for the Parents Association of DIA.
80 Name 2 events that PADIA organizes?
  The Iftar meal after Ramadan, International Day, Winter Souk, Movie night.
81 What is International Day?
  It is a day on which we celebrate the diversity of nationalities of students in DIA. There are stalls promoting each country's food and there are student items.
82 What are the DIA colours?
  Black, white, green and red - the colours of the UAE flag.
83 How long has DIA existed?
  For five years.
84 What colour is your sweater allowed to be?
  Black or navy blue.
85 What are the school requirements about jewelry and make-up?
  Girls are allowed a single pair of earrings and a simple chain and pendent. No make-up is allowed.
86 What shoes are you allowed to wear with your uniform?
  None Scuffing black shoes without any insignia or colouring.
87 What do you do if you are unable to attend school?
  Your parents phone or email one of the the Secondary School secretaries to report your absence.
88 What national symbol can be found in the main entrance to the school?
  A falcon which was painted by students of DIA
89 What are the houses?
  Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
90 Who is the House Prefect for Water?
  Nikhil Kapoor
91 \Who is the Deputy House Prefect for Water?
  Emmanuel Desanker
92 Who is the House Prefect for Fire?
  Sameer Rizvi
93 Who is the Deputy House Prefect for Fire?
  Vikram Singh
94 Who is the House Prefect for Earth?
  Talal Shera
95 Who is the Deputy House Prefect for Earth?
  Dominic McHugh
96 Who is the House Prefect for Air?
  Karan Savara
97 Who is the Deputy House Prefect for Air?
  Oliver Busby
98 What is the role of a house representative?
  The most important aspects of this post are concerned with establishing and maintaining a good spirit in the school.
99 What is the house point system?
  Every time there is an activity the houses are awarded points in order of the position achieved.
The total of these points will determine the winning house at the end of the year.
100 How can you win house points?
  House points are won by participating in the various interhouse events or encouraging other house members to participate in their items of choice.
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