Tuesday / May 21 / 2019





Secondary School Cricket tour to India


Learning Support at DIA

Dubai International Academy’s Learning Support Program consists of seven distinct components that work together to ensure each individual student has the necessary tools and support to succeed. These sections include: mentoring of the Diploma and Middle Years Programmes At-Risk Students, College Counselling and University Placement, Special Educational Needs Counselling and Advisement, providing students with Emotional Support, Academic Enrichment through the Gifted and Talented (G&T) Programme, English as a Second Language, and Student Development through Teacher Training & Professional Development.

A team of dedicated specialists, counsellors, advisors and highly qualified faculty work in close conjunction to monitor student progress to ensure that all students are supported with individualised care and focus. This programme creates unique life plans for each identified student in their specific area of need. These plans focus on four key areas: inside the classroom, after school activities, clubs/teams/events, and external activities. Plans are developed with the input of the students, parents, teachers and counsellors, and are regularly reviewed and modified. In the classroom, differentiation strategies are targeted towards each student’s needs. Learning outcomes are tiered based on ability and lessons are modified accordingly.