Tuesday / February 20 / 2018

Secondary School Swimming Gala


Secondary School Talent Show


Paid Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Paid Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are conducted at DIA by independent organizations and individuals. DIA plays a role in enabling the running of these programs on the school premises by providing its infrastructure and being responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of its various facilities.

DIA endeavors to collaborate with the best providers of these activities, but the responsibility for the ultimate quality of the activities rests with the providers.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis!


Activity Swimming
Contact person Karl Egleton
Contact no. 050 4977312
Contact email karl@speedoswimsquads.com
Website www.speedodubai.net


Super Sports Tennis Academy
Activity Tennis
Contact person Jon Anderson
Contact no. 056-2934835
Contact email academy@supersportsdubai.com
Website www.supersportsdubai.com


GForce Cricket Academy
Activity Cricket
Contact person Gopal Jasapara
Contact no. 0504559083; 0553367499
Contact email cricketgforce@gmail.com
Website http://www.gforcecricketacademy.com/gforcenew/


Activity Football
Contact person Jo Terry
Contact no. 050-5193899
Contact email Info@ismsports.org
Website www.ismsports.org


MPAC Sports
Activity Youth Basketball Academy
Contact person admin
Contact no. 043851777
Contact email info@mpacsports.com
Website www.mpacsports.com


Our Kids First
Activity Volleyball Academy
Contact person Tzvetina
Contact no. 050-3416600
Contact email Info@ourkidsfirst-uae.com
Website www.ourkidsfirst-uae.com


Dubai Karate Centre 
Activity Karate & Self Defense
Contact person Girish Dhanraj
Contact no. 050-8557996
Contact email enquiries@dubaikarate.com
Website www.dubaikarate.com


FUNdamental Athletics 
Activity Athletics
Contact person Andrew Toward
Contact no. 055-7119775
Contact email info@fundamentalathleticsdxb.com
Website www.fundamentalathleticsdxb.com


Fun Science Recreational Services 
Activity Mad Science
Contact person Darlyn G. Magdangal
Contact no. 043377403 /056-4412076
Contact email madscience@eim.ae
Website www.madscience.org/uae


KidzArt UAE 
Activity Kidz Art
Contact person Hetal Shah
Contact no. 055-2220129
Contact email hetal15@emirates.net.ae
Website www.kidzart.ae


Activity Yoga
Contact person Dr. Navya 
Contact no. 056 5225057
Contact email hello@planyoga.in
Website www.planyoga.in


Dubai Karate Centre 
Activity Karate & Self Defense
Contact person Girish Dhanraj
Contact no. 050-8557996
Contact email enquiries@dubaikarate.com
Website www.dubaikarate.com


Turning Pointe Dance studios 
Activity Ballet & Hip Hop
Contact person Irene Cipriano
Contact no. 800 DANCE (800 32623), 800 BALLET (800 225538)
Contact email irene@turningpointe.ae
Website www.turningpointe.ae


Contact person KARL BOTZ
Contact no. 055-9111900
Contact email info@kbmaa.com
Website www.kbmaa.com


Elite Tennis Academy
Activity Tennis
Contact person Luis Miguel
Contact no. 050-6561625
Contact email info@elitetennisdubai.com
Website www.elitetennisdubai.com


Dnan Sports Life
Activity Swimming
Contact person Natalya Pankina
Contact no. 056-1089608 / 055-577676
Contact email sports@dnan-sportslife.com
Website www.www.sportslife-uae.com


Culture Emulsion
Activity French Drama
Contact person Cecile Herman
Contact no. 050-5080783
Contact email cecile@culture-emulsion.com
Website www.culture-emulsion.com


Engineering For Kids 
Activity Engineering / LEGO Robotics
Contact person Rachael Pryce
Contact no. 052-1025365
Contact email rpryce@engineeringforkids.co
Website www.engineeringforkids.com


Activity SpeakPod, Debatepod, SuperGirls
Contact person Su Bridgman
Contact no. 050-5567559
Contact email Admissions@speakfluenceglobal.com
Website www.speakfluenceglobal.com


Chess Knowledge 
Activity Chess
Contact person Alexandra Grsishina
Contact no. 050 5028145
Contact email alexandrachess@yahoo.com
Website www.chessdubai.com

Malhaar Centre For Performing Arts
Activity Indian Classical music and dance- Hindustani Vocal, Carnatic Vocal/ Kathak, Bhratanatyam
Contact person Himani Bhadra
Contact no. 056 4334258
Contact email info@malhaar.com
Website www.malhaar.ae