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Business Minds@DIA

Business Minds, a school-based student-led club was started by two Year 12 students from Dubai International Academy who were passionate about the world of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship. Hence, to further pursue their interests they took the initiative to create a club where they could motivate other students to apply their significant subject knowledge into the real world. Through this club we aim to expose students to real business world scenarios through a fun, interesting and challenging way. We aim to do this by helping dedicated students prepare and excel at various business competitions around the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, motivated from the interest shown by students, we successfully launched our own competition where high school students from Years 10-13 could participate amongst other students around the UAE.

In the academic year of 2016 - 2017 we held our inaugural Business event which consisted of 4 different events aimed to target the best in every student. By having a range of competitions, students were given the ability to specialise in one aspect of the business world that they excel at. This could be through the marketing of a product, the creation of a business plan or even through the designing of a prospective mobile application. Our event last year was extremely successful with 150+ participants from over 7 international schools based in the UAE as well as a sponsorship of AED 18,000 by the Apparel Group. The theme of the event was “Innovation”; therefore, participation in the event was a great opportunity for students to enhance their creativity, negotiation, leadership, marketing and public speaking skills by interacting with many new colleagues within an international environment.

We hope to keep on providing a platform for young students to express their talents in the Business field and hope to take the annual BUSINESS MINDS competition to the next level in the coming years.

Ayush Walia & Carl Vinter (Co-Presidents, Business Minds 2017-2018)




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