Tuesday / May 21 / 2019

Secondary School Talent Show


Primary School Art Exhibition



Dubai International Academy's EcoClub is a student led initiative that focuses on environmental education, conservation and sustainability. Students regularly participate in a number of projects that help raise environmental awareness by using meaningful, hands-on activities. Mr. Baird, Miss Lacoste and Ms. Heidi Buck work together to facilitate the primary and secondary school EcoClub participants and engage students by offering a wide array of opportunities and projects geared towards individuals of all levels. The EcoClub is pleased to announce the release of EcoTimes, a monthly publication that highlights DIA's many environmentally conscious endeavours. We hope you enjoy reading about the many ongoing actions taken by Dubai International Academy's EcoClub!

Message from EcoClub Coordinator

This academic year at DIA is going to see a change in how much EcoClub is present every day in and around the school. We will want both Parents’ and Students’ help to engage the whole student body in how we can be more environmentally friendly at school and in our everyday life. This will involve them being more visible in school and working with other groups to get the message of environmental sustainability across to every single student and parent of DIA.

If you want to get involved, EcoClub runs after school on a Sunday in SS213 and also on Tuesday Lunchtimes.