Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC is a leading school transport provider to the number of schools in Dubai, UAE. Our core value is to provide safe and reliable school transport services to our customers with the highest level of safety, quality, reliability and customer service.

Enhanced safety and security features are installed in all our buses like GPS tracking and CCTV cameras. We strongly committed to provide quality transportation by maintaining the highest level of safety, outstanding customer service and positive employee relations.

Dubai International Academy Emirates Hill has contracted Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC, a reputable transportation company which is being used by number of schools in Dubai to ensure that we are providing our students a safe, reliable and professional transport service.

Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, the decision on whether the student is being allocated a seat rests with Arab Falcon Bus Rental which would depend on whether there is available seat on existing buses and the student resides along the planned bus routes.

If you require transportation services kindly fill the below form and return to transport office in school or email it to [email protected].

For any query kindly call Customer Care Representative of Arab Falcon, Ms. Jayya R Mainni on 050 1042285 or email to [email protected]. You may reach Arab Falcon at 04 3976490 or call 050 1043156.  

Transport fees for the academic year 2023 – 2024 is AED 8200, one way is offered at AED 6150.

DIA-EH Bus Application Form