Career Counseling at DIA is about inspiring our students to dream big and then achieve their true potential. We start this journey from the age of 14 and ensure they have built a strong portfolio when applying to their first choice of universities.

Please refer to the following documents for your reference. They will give you an insight to the process and the requirements.

Career Counseling Handbook

Popular Career choices mapped to IB DP subjects

Careers Fact Sheets for UK


Highlights for Class of 2022

Y13 Cohort​ 154 students​
Offers​ 620​
Universities​ 360​
Countries​ 14​
UK Russell Group Offers​ 146​
Top 50 QS World Ranking University Offers​ 116​
First-Choice​ 81%​
Number of Scholarships​ 103​
Scholarship Value​ $3,579,600 ​

University Acceptances Highlights

Princeton University​​
Columbia University​​
University of California, Berkley​​
Georgia Tech Institute of Technology​
University of Southern California​
University of Cambridge​​
London School of Economics & Political Science​
​Imperial College​​
University College London​​
King's College London​
University of British Columbia​​
University of Toronto​​
​McGill University​​
University of Waterloo​​
Rest of the World​
New York University, ​Abu Dhabi​
Erasmus University, Rotterdam​​
​DELFT, Netherlands​​
University of Melbourne​​
Australian National University​

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