The MYP is a course of study designed to meet the educational needs of students aged between 11 and 16 years. It aims to provide a broad, traditional foundation of knowledge while increasing the student's awareness of the relationships between all subjects and areas of learning.

Students are encouraged to question and evaluate information critically, to seek out and explore the links between subjects, and to develop an awareness of their place in the world. As such, intercultural awareness and communication skills are seen as essential elements to education in the modern world, and are held as fundamental to the MYP's philosophy. 

The MYP has been devised to guide students in their search for a sense of belonging in the world around them. It also aims to help students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. The MYP also promotes a holistic view of learning. It requires an approach to teaching and learning that includes and extends traditional school subjects.

Middle Years Programme Handbook 2023-2024


The MYP also promotes a holistic view of learning. It requires an approach to teaching and learning that includes and extends traditional school subjects. The Global Contexts, and Concepts, provide the MYP's main focus for developing links between the disciplines, so that students will learn to see knowledge as an interrelated whole. 

These are taught through the medium of traditional subjects so as to highlight the integration of these concepts across all disciplines. The subjects taught come under eight subject groups from Year 7 to Year 11.

Subject Groups Courses currently offered*
Language and Literature (1st Language) English, Arabic A for Arab students
Language Acquisition (2nd Language) French, Spanish, Arabic B
Individual and Societies Geography, History, Business, Economics
Design Digital Design, Product Design
Mathematics Core and Extended
Arts Visual Arts, Music, Media Arts and Theatre
Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Physical Education Sports, movement, Health
Islamic Studies Compulsory for all Muslim Students

*Courses offered may change depending on demand - please contact us for the latest updates

The objectives of each subject group are skills-based and broad enough to allow for a variety of teaching and learning approaches. Criterion based assessment is applied.

The eight subject group objectives correspond to assessment criteria. Each criterion has nine possible levels of achievement (0–8), divided into four bands that generally represent limited (1–2); adequate (3–4); substantial (5–6); and excellent (7–8) performance. 

Each band has its own unique descriptor that teachers use to make “best-fit” judgments about students’ progress and achievement.

Students involved in the MYP are eligible to receive a detailed portfolio showing all their achievements at school, including their attainment levels in each subject.


In Year 11, students are required to submit a Personal Project, and in Year 9 students are required to submit a Community Project. It is obligatory for students to complete Community and Service.

Subjects & Organization

Language and Literature is the student's best language. This language will be English at DIA as most of the subject areas will be taught in the above. Arabic A is taught as native language to Arab students.
Language Acquisition is an additional language and is the way that our students can communicate with the people of another linguistic community. It is also seen as being a gateway to understanding another community, which is fundamental to the concept of internationalism which the MYP.
Individual and Societies within the MYP consist of both History and Geography and are taught throughout the MYP. Business / Economics is offered as an option in year 10-11. Key concepts contained within the subjects are intended to provide the foundation for further study in many fields.
Mathematics sets out to give students an appreciation of the usefulness, power and beauty of the subject. One aspect of this is the awareness that mathematics is a universal language with diverse applications.
Sciences within the MYP aim to provide the student with both a body of knowledge and the understanding of the scientific approach to problem solving. Science thus becomes an important tool to investigate and understand the natural world.
The Arts subject group of the MYP curriculum encompasses visual and performing arts and is of particular interest in an international programme. The arts transcend the barriers of language and knowledge of other cultures through their artistic production and are one of the best ways to promote international understanding.
Design within the MYP aims at establishing the foundation for technological literacy and know-how. Students become aware of the practical solutions people have devised to satisfy their basic needs.
Technology within the MYP is essentially concerned with solving problems in an effort to stimulate students' ingenuity and to encourage them to combine intellectual talents and practical skills. The programme intends to cultivate a healthy and active lifestyle for students and consequently advocates activities which are not only enjoyable but also contribute to healthy living.
Physical Education has a unique and significant contribution to make, since it aims to facilitate physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

The MYP Global Contexts help MYP students develop an understanding of their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet through developmentally appropriate explorations of:

MYP Results


MYP June
June 2022 June 2021 June 2020 June 2019 June 2018 June 2017 June 2016
Total students registered for MYP Certificate at DIA


52/173 (30%) 75 (47%) 79 (52%) 96 (64%) 69 (54%) 92 (59%) 93 (73%)
Average score of MYP students at DIA 43 42.2 45 45 44 42 41 40
Average subject grade out of 7 obtained at the school by candidates who obtained the certificate   5.28 5.61 5.47 5.54 5.22 5.05 5
Average score of MYP Certificate students world-wide   37.72 38.2 37.4 36.6 36.2 35.7 35.5
Pass %age for MYP Certificate students at DIA   97% 93% 99% 93% 96% 86% 81%
Pass %age for MYP Certificate students world-wide   NA 83.3% 95% 79.3% 77% 76% 68%
Highest score at DIA   56/56 56/56 55/56 54/56 52/56 54/56 51/56
% Students Scoring 40+   65% 77% 79% 79% 61% 45% 44%
% Students Scoring 46+   34% 50% 41% 36% 27% 13% 19%