Who we are

While all parents of DIA students are considered members of the parent association, a core group of volunteers and elected leadership team members dedicate their time and effort to organize events and lead initiatives for the benefit of students, parents and staff at the school. They meet on a regular basis throughout the year, to help strengthen the sense of community and encourage parental engagement.

What do we do?

PADIA hosts events such as parent coffees, an annual Winter Souk, International Evening, movie night, ice lolly day, and so much more, to bring the school community together. They also have a group of parent representatives that maintain an open communication channel with the school leadership to share feedback on general areas of the school. PADIA supports parents by offering services such a pre-loved uniform shop and welcoming new families.

Get in touch

Whether you are new to the school, or are an old-timer looking to give back to the community, meet other parents, or just get involved, please drop us a note at [email protected] or connect with us via Facebook:PADIA-Emirates Hills